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User GravitarHere we are in 2010, and likewise, here we have a new release for a new project (well okay, it's not new, just renamed). We've started the migration from vstegfs to stegfs: move a directory here, add a symlink there, etc. If things stop working let us know :)

This release should provide better protection against read/write issues caused by multi-threaded access. It also provides a nice way to see what files have been created/accessed during the current session.

A word to the wise: whilst we've tested the functionality of this build, we've not really tested the update process from vstegfs-200910 or earlier. There shouldn't be any problems because the file system structure has remained the same, as has the hiding/finding and encryption/decryption process, but we're making no promises.

With all that said, it's time to return to work,