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"i have a monitor at werk that i chocolated, but it doesn't care. it
has a computer that has 64 megs. it probably runs vms. why do all the big
monitors like big, dumb computers? i wish i was dumb."
-Johnny Carr speaking about Nate

encrypt 0.1-15

User GravitarThis release includes a change to the algorithm! Remember to decrypt then re-encrypt. It also now uses the entire key file (if supplied with a key file) and includes a few memory/malloc improvements :D

In addition to the entire key file now being used, if the file contains only a single line, ie: "mypassphrase", this is now exactly the same as using the "-p mypassphrase" option. The issue before was an extra null value being included in the length of the passphrase.

Enjoy both *nix and Windows editions... :)

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