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Recap to the Future

By Ashley on 2008-12-15
User GravitarAs part of the new site design I've put together a little something to remind everyone of what's going on.

Most things are done now - the source code for all projects is available either from the Git repository or as a .tar.bz2 archive (the archive is created from the Git repository). All other aspects of the site seem to be working fine.

One point which need addressing soon is the version number for the projects. They are all no longer relevant as they were taken from the Subversion revision number and Git doesn't use revision numbers in the same way. One possible method we are looking at to overcome this is to start creating static binary releases for a variety of platforms. This would make the projects easier to install for more users. More to follow on this soon.

That's everything for now, I'm sure something will crop up soon, but until then...

~ Ash

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