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Modularise. Use subroutines.
- The Elements of Programming Style (Kernighan & Plaugher)

Site Update

By Webmaster on 2013-06-14

Just a quick note to show that we're still here, even if things seems to quieten down for months at a time.

The site now has a slightly new (or rather slightly updated) look and feel. The style been simplified to make it more suitable for handheld devices (and small screens in general). And the HTML has been greatly updated to be HTML5 compliant and is no longer XHTML.

The comment and bug tracking systems now support using Markdown instead of BBCode as it's easier to write. Also, both of these systems no longer required registering to contribute; all that's necessary are a unique and valid email address. Also, user icons are taken from Gravatar.

That's about all for now, keep it real...

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