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encrypt 2013.11

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Here is our latest offering of personal, file encryption for all of your devices; from desktops and laptops running GNU/Linux, OS X or Windows, to mobile devices running Android.

Its major new feature is the ability to create encrypted files that can be decrypted by older versions of the application (ideal if, for whatever reason, you cannot upgrade to the latest). It also sports the ability to handle symlinks as symbolic links, instead of the file the link points to. I also knows if a hardlink for a particular file has already been encrypted and won't store the file twice. Upon decryption, the hierarchy will match exactly the original. Of course this all requires an operating system that supports links in the first place (hint: Windows and Android don't).

Both binary installers (Arch, Debian, Fedora, Windows, and OS X) and GPG signatures are available locally from the project page, as well as on Sourceforge. The Android app is available from the Google Play Store.

There is additional documentation in the form of a User Guide, for Windows. It has been put together by Marc Condic, and I will soon make it available online too (it's a HTML document).

That's all for now, peace and security

The encrypt Development Team

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