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encrypt 2013.11.01

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Following on from the previous post, which explained that the latest version of libgcrypt no longer had a couple of functions that were use to get a list of supported algorithms, we have an updated version of encrypt that overcomes this. Currently this issue only affects GUN/Linux systems (Arch/Debian/Fedora), but it could manifest itself in OS X (if/when Homebrew updates its version of libgcrypt) so we'll see about rebuilding that edition too.

Neither the Android nor Windows editions are effected.

The latest binary packages are available from the downloads directory as normal.

Until next time,
The encrypt Dev Team

Debian/Ubuntu Backport

On 2014-01-29 Ashley wrote:
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There's a new package available to download for Debian (and its cousins), which relaxes the dependency on liblzma5 a little. It was required to have version atleast 5.1.1alpha+20120614—the current version on our Debian development machine. Such as recent version was unnecessary and was causing problems on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, so the second build of encrypt 2013.11.01 reduces this to dependency on liblzma5 to version 5.1.1alph20110809.

This shouldn't be a problem to anyone, yet allows those on slightly older (more stable) systems to use encrypt :-)

~ Ashley

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