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encrypt 2014.06

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We've another release of encrypt, to keep your personal data safe. There have been some significant changes for all platforms (GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and Android).

First, GNU/Linux: there were a few bug fixes and patched up memory leaks. That's actually about it that's specific to the platform.

On Windows, encrypt now uses GTK+3, instead of the older GTK+2, so that's a step in the right direction. We've also dropped support for Windows XP and a re now building and testing on Windows 7 (32-bit as MinGW64 is still not working quite right for us). There has also been some development towards better desktop/Explorer integration (right-click context menu), and in fact this is something we're still working on for GNU/Linux—there being multiple desktop environments makes this a slightly harder task.

On Apple's OS X we think we have managed to fix the Homebrew/libgcrypt dependency. It is a requirement for building the native application, but we've had success using encrypt after removing libgcrypt using Homebrew; hopefully we'll be able to close those bugs in due course.

Last (for platform specific changes) is Android: we've fixed a few major bugs, such as the vanishing keyboard if you tried to enter numbers into the password field. We are also using the gnu-crypto release candidate as it fixes a bug we encountered during development.

Finally, the major change for this version for all platforms: the ability to select the cipher mode. Previous versions were limited to Cipher Block Chaining, but now you can choose from ECB (don't, please, we beg you), CFB, OFB and CTR.

That's all for now, hopefully these changes are useful to you as they're useful to us…

Android Fix

On 2014-07-03 Ashley wrote:
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We've identified - and fixed - a subtle bug in the Android app. So there is now a new package available for download from the Google Play Store.o

Windows 8 Issue

On 2014-07-22 Ashley wrote:
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There is also a serious problem running encrypt on Windows 8! None of the AES/Rijndael algorithms work correctly; they
cause a monumental crash.

Other cipher algorithms do not seem to be affected, but we've only managed to perform a limited amount of testing and

We are working on fixing this, but the lack of a Windows 8 development environment is slowing us down a little. Watch
this space…

Second factor devices

On 2014-11-16 Fulvio wrote:
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Please add support for second factor devices, such YubiKey or U2F keys.


Encrypted folder

On 2014-11-16 Fulvio wrote:
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Please add to your software an encrypted folder, where you can save your files and they are automatically encrypted.


Re: YubiKey and Encrypted Folders

On 2014-11-17 Ashley wrote:
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Thanks for the feedback…

The YubiKey hardware looks interesting - if I can get hold of the key and the development kit I'll certainly take a look at integrating it in to encrypt in a future release.

Regarding the encrypted folders though, this isn't really within the scope of what encrypt aims to be. There are many different projects which already provide this, [stegfs][/projects/stegfs] for instance. Other projects which also provide similar functionality are [encfs][!encfs/c1awt], [eCryptfs][] or (until it was discontinued) TrueCrypt.

~ Ashley

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