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encrypt 2015.01

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So we're back again with another early-in-the-year release. There are several bug fixes on all platforms and a couple of new features (again for all platforms). These include: fixed the Android/Windows incompatibility; plugged a range of memory leaks; updated directory handling; advanced users can now disable to standard encrypt file header (see below); new notification on Android for when progress is complete; better random IV; new Slackware package.

NB: If you disable the file header you will need to remember which algorithms and encryption mode you selected when you come to decrypt your files.

That's pretty much it for now, if it doesn't work for you let us know by opening a new bug report, and we'll see what we can do to fix it for you.

Edit: The initial 2015.01 release had a subtle bug regarding secure memory—it didn't request enough from the OS. This resulted in out of memory errors (naturally). We've increased the amount of memory requested, and packaged up a new release: 2015.01.1.

~ The encrypt Development Team

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