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A New Project: hide

By The hide Development Team on 2015-01-18
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It's time for a new project: hide. And as the name suggests, it hides data. It is in fact a steganographic image tool.

We've been slowly working on it for a couple of months now, and were really hoping to have (particularly) the UI a little more polished, but unfortunately the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has decided to go above and beyond by proposing to outlaw encryption.

If he intends to have you brought in for questioning just because he cannot read the data your transmitting across the internet, how about we provide everyone with a simple way to share cat pictures while still getting your message across ;-)

It's still very much in development, but is usable and works excellently along side encrypt. Currently only the lossless image formats PNG, TIFF, and WebP are supported through shared object libraries. Check out the project page as well as the source code (and the lovely test images of myself running).

~ Ashley

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