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encrypt For Android

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It looks as though the latest Android update (Lollipop) causes encrypt to crash when attempting to encrypt/decrypt files. We're working on a fix and will make it available as soon as it's ready.

A Quick Fix

On 2015-02-11 Ashley wrote:
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A (quick temporary) fix is available - version 2015.01.1.

One of the major issues discovered was in the data compression, so (for now) this has been disabled. Another issue that has been found and fixed was to do with the initialisation just prior to actual en/decryption and any file IO at this stage.

encrypt is still able to decrypt any file that were compressed (although not with the corrupt 2015.01 version).

Hopefully we'll have a more longterm fix available in the coming days.

~ Ashley

Version 2015.01.2

On 2015-02-13 Ashley wrote:
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A new Android version is available in the Google Play Store, which fixes the IO initialisation issue and he compression corruption problem. encrypt for Android is back in business :-)


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