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encrypt 2020.01

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It may be long overdue, but finally, after over two years (although a day early if you check the release notes), we are back with another release of our flagship product encrypt. The big ticket item this time around is configurable KDF iterations.

We have also put together a Solaris package and the start of a Gentoo eBuild file. One snag that we have discovered is that the OS X application—once copied from the disk image to Applications—the extended attribute gets set and this seems to break the applications checksum. As such, a warning message that says the application may be damaged is displayed. This can be worked-around by opening the terminal and executing the following: xattr -cr This will recursively clear all extended attributes, and solves the problem. It's not ideal, but it'll have to do for now; we're working on a more user-friendly solution (perhaps distributing via the App Store is the way to go).

That's it for now, hopefully everything works smoothly and we haven't missed any compatibility issues/major bugs. So all that's left to say is Happy New Year and bring on 2020!

The encrypt Development Team

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