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vstegfs becomes stegfs

User GravitarWe're now in the final days of 2009, which are also the final days of the name vstegfs. On (or shortly after) the 5th of January we will release our steganographic file system under the name stegfs.

Whilst the original StegFS on Sourceforge was only for Linux, it's hoped that being based on Fuse will allow ours to be more useful to more people, especially those using BSD derived operating systems. It's also worth noting that the existing StegFS project appears to have been inactive for over 2 years, so it's high-time we came and filled the void.

Hopefully, we've been able to correct all of the web links so that, for a short time, the name vstegfs will either symbolically link to, or redirect using a HTTP 301 return code.

Anyway, until the 5th...

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