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Markdown Code Formatting

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Assigned to Ashley
Raised by Ashley on 2012-11-02
Severity: Bug (Minor)
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Need to check that the code syntax highlighting works now that we're using Markdown instead of BBCode.

A quick bit of HTML:
  2.   Some italic html text
  3.   Link to

Next some C:
  1. if (5 == a)
  2.   fprintf(stdout, "a = 5 ; z = %sn", z);

If that much works, we should be pretty confident GeSHi can cope with anything else.

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On 2012-11-02 Ashley wrote:
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It seems to work:

  1. puts "What's your favorite number?"
  2. number = gets.chomp
  3. output_number = number.to_i + 1
  4. puts output_number.to_s + ' is a bigger and better favorite number.'

(NB To get syntax highlighing, use Github Flavored Markdown)

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On 2012-11-03 Ashley wrote:
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External link.

This bug has been closed; no more details accepted