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decrypt to file

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Assigned to The encrypt Development Team
Raised by Ashley on 2013-06-12
Severity: Bug (Major)
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When compiled with -O2 optimisations, decrypting to a, currently non-existent, file (and possibly a directory) fails with a segmentation fault.

This is caused by a null pointer dereference at io.c:186, called from cli.c:82.

Using fewer or no optimisations (-O1 or -O0) or having the file already exist do not cause this error to occur.

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On 2013-06-12 Ashley wrote:
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Identified the cause as a combination of the following:

Hence: the NULL check is removed from the function with optimisations -O2 and higher.

A fix is on the way :-)

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On 2013-06-14 The encrypt Development Team wrote:
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Fix is now available in Git repository.

This bug has been closed; no more details accepted