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dependency not satisfied

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Associated with encrypt
Assigned to The encrypt Development Team
Raised by deefactorial on 2014-01-29
Severity: Bug (Major)
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ubuntu 12.04 software center says that dependency isn't satisfiable. liblzma >= 5.1.1
Where do I find this lib

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On 2014-01-29 The encrypt Development Team wrote:
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This appears to be because the latest version of liblzma5 for Ubuntu 12.04 is version 5.1.1alph20110809-3, whereas encrypt was built with a more recent version (5.1.1alpha+20120614).

We'll see if relaxing this dependency fixes the issue.

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On 2014-01-29 Ashley wrote:
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I've rebuilt encrypt using the older version of liblzma5; can you confirm whether this works for you now?

This bug has been closed; no more details accepted