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AES cipher is missing

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Raised by frankzhao on 2015-02-05
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Thanks for creating this great software for encryption. I just downloaded the 2015.01.1 release from sourceforge and I found that windows version actually doesn't have the AES cipher available, which is the Rijndael. While this could

be actually seen on Mac OSX version. I also checked the 2014.06 version and it does run the AES cipher. So, I am wondering if this bug will be fixed.

Thanks again and wish you doing well.


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On 2015-02-05 frankzhao wrote:
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On 2015-02-05 Ashley wrote:
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This is, unfortunately, a bug in the encryption library we use (we think). It only affects Windows 8, and so is only disabled on Windows 8 - it should be available on Windows 7 and earlier, as well as OS X and Android.

We're still investigating possible fixes, and trying to figure out why it only causes problems on Windows 8. As soon as we have a fix we will make it available.

Sorry we cannot provide a more definitive answer at this time.

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On 2016-07-08 Ashley wrote:
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Closing as this has now been fixed in 2015.10 - it was fixed when using the latest version of libgcrypt.

This bug has been closed; no more details accepted