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Assigned to Ashley
Raised by Ashley on 2009-12-30
Severity: Bug (Minor)
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OpenID login doesn't work.

For some reason the backend process seems to think that URI used as the return address after authorization is a file. This is obviously not the case and results in one of the follow HTTP errors: 400, 403, 404.

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On 2009-12-31 Ashley wrote:
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It appears to be that whenever a URL is passed as an option, i.e. /?q= everything goes wrong. As it wasn't doing this before it may be due to settings in .htaccess or php.ini.

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On 2010-01-04 Ashley wrote:
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Have updated the way that arguments are handled within the code; this hasn't solved the problem though.

The problem now seems to be rooted in the request to the OpenID server after authorization.

response = is_valid:false

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On 2010-01-04 Ashley wrote:
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Fixed parsing of OpenID options allows correct verification of login token.

This bug has been closed; no more details accepted