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stegfs 2015.08

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Okay, so here we are, back again (finally) with a completely new stegfs! And when we say new, we mean totally rewritten! It's much better at not overwriting your existing files (although it can and will still happen) and it's a lot more customisable.

Warning! stegfs 2015.08 is not backwards compatible!

However, onto the good stuff:

Lo, there too are a number of sad points:
I think that's pretty much everything for now; sorry it's been so long, but (as far as file systems go I feel) too many releases are likely to negatively affect stability, hence the delay.

Stay safe,

encrypt For Android

By The encrypt Development Team on 2015-02-11 [2 comments]
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It looks as though the latest Android update (Lollipop) causes encrypt to crash when attempting to encrypt/decrypt files. We're working on a fix and will make it available as soon as it's ready.

A New Project: hide

By The hide Development Team on 2015-01-18
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It's time for a new project: hide. And as the name suggests, it hides data. It is in fact a steganographic image tool.

We've been slowly working on it for a couple of months now, and were really hoping to have (particularly) the UI a little more polished, but unfortunately the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has decided to go above and beyond by proposing to outlaw encryption.

If he intends to have you brought in for questioning just because he cannot read the data your transmitting across the internet, how about we provide everyone with a simple way to share cat pictures while still getting your message across ;-)

It's still very much in development, but is usable and works excellently along side encrypt. Currently only the lossless image formats PNG, TIFF, and WebP are supported through shared object libraries. Check out the project page as well as the source code (and the lovely test images of myself running).

~ Ashley

encrypt 2015.01

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So we're back again with another early-in-the-year release. There are several bug fixes on all platforms and a couple of new features (again for all platforms). These include: fixed the Android/Windows incompatibility; plugged a range of memory leaks; updated directory handling; advanced users can now disable to standard encrypt file header (see below); new notification on Android for when progress is complete; better random IV; new Slackware package.

NB: If you disable the file header you will need to remember which algorithms and encryption mode you selected when you come to decrypt your files.

That's pretty much it for now, if it doesn't work for you let us know by opening a new bug report, and we'll see what we can do to fix it for you.

Edit: The initial 2015.01 release had a subtle bug regarding secure memory—it didn't request enough from the OS. This resulted in out of memory errors (naturally). We've increased the amount of memory requested, and packaged up a new release: 2015.01.1.

~ The encrypt Development Team


By Ashley on 2014-10-10
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It's been a long time, but I have finally been able to rewrite stegfs to my own liking. It's near-enough a complete rewrite, however a few things have stayed the same. For instance the file system structure has stayed the same, although this doesn't mean this new version is compatible with the old - the new stegfs IS NOT BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE.

It makes use of a lot of ideas that were implemented in the more recent versions of encrypt; such as storing integers in network byte order (for portability), reducing code complexity (to make it easier to maintain and enhance), and laying some good groundwork for future compatibility. The IO performance has been improved, although stegfs has (temporarily) regressed to being single threaded, and you can be sure that when you delete a file, it is completely deleted (previously only the file header was deleted).

It's not yet ready for a proper release, but it seems stable enough — it's at least as stable as version 2010.01 was. There's a little more testing to be done, as well as getting all of the build scripts back in working order. Hopefully in the next few months there'll be a new public release, and I can go back to seeing if Dropbox can handle syncing a 1GB steganographic file system ;-)

Until then,