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encrypt 2022.01

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Well, it's been another 2 years but we're back with another release of encrypt! On the face of it, it would appear that very little has changed but there has been significant changes under the covers, a lot of which should help with error reporting and debugging (if you're unlucky enough to need it).

There is now a PKG installer for Apple OS X, although as encrypt is not yet signed (and distributed via the AppStore), it will generate a warning about being untrusted; this can be overridden in the security settings. There is also still not a complete Gentoo eBuild solution, but we'll get there one day.

That's all for now,

The encrypt Development Team

encrypt 2020.01

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It may be long overdue, but finally, after over two years (although a day early if you check the release notes), we are back with another release of our flagship product encrypt. The big ticket item this time around is configurable KDF iterations.

We have also put together a Solaris package and the start of a Gentoo eBuild file. One snag that we have discovered is that the OS X application—once copied from the disk image to Applications—the extended attribute gets set and this seems to break the applications checksum. As such, a warning message that says the application may be damaged is displayed. This can be worked-around by opening the terminal and executing the following: xattr -cr This will recursively clear all extended attributes, and solves the problem. It's not ideal, but it'll have to do for now; we're working on a more user-friendly solution (perhaps distributing via the App Store is the way to go).

That's it for now, hopefully everything works smoothly and we haven't missed any compatibility issues/major bugs. So all that's left to say is Happy New Year and bring on 2020!

The encrypt Development Team

encrypt 2017.09

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It's been nearly two years, but we have finally brought out a new release of our flagship encryption application.

There have been a host of changes and bug fixes, including improved key derivation and MAC authentication. There are two new binary packages available: FreeBSD and Windows (64 bit); Win32 has gone the way of the dodo and is no longer available. We have also fixed the Android version to work properly with its latest permission handling.

Downloads are available in all the usual places; so until next time, stay secure.

The encrypt Development Team

stegfs 2015.08.1 - a quick fix

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It's been nearly a year, and during that time there has been numerous updates to the FUSE library, one of which started causing problems with stegfs. We've been able to quickly push out a fix, and hopefully this will give the motivation to resume working on stegfs instead of neglecting it. As there are no new features or changes to the file system layout there shouldn't be any issues with compatibility with 2015.08 but if there are just let us know.

So here it is, the quick fix that is: stegfs 2015.08.1


encrypt 2015.10

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encrypt 2015.10 brings with it one significant new feature, as well as several bug fixes.

The major update is that encrypt can now correct read errors in the encrypted file (when decrypting). If several bytes are not what they should be, then encrypt will detect and fix these errors - however if there are too many then you really should find out why the bytes on disk are not what they should be! It won't fix bad storage, but instead is to correct possible data transmission errors.

Bug fixes include fixing the infinite loop when attempting to decrypt a file that isn't actually encrypted, fixing the compatibility menu on Android, and most significantly: allowing AES on Windows 8! This was achieved by using a different build of the GNU libgcrypt library.

The only other item of note is that there is now a free version available on Android (supported by ads).

That's all now this October release,
The encrypt Development Team