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Project no longer under active development


Project Administrator: The lmtpd Development Team

lmtpd is a simple mail transfer daemon for local mail (i.e. from cron jobs, and between local users). This is especially useful if you have no need for a full-blown mail transfer agent and just want to allow local users to message each other without spamming the world at large.

Warning: lmtpd is still very much in the development phase and may contain horrendous bugs!

lmtpd is now (we think) quite stable :) with the help of Valgrind we've eliminated memory leaks and having cleaned up the common code, config settings and command line arguments are handled as expected.

We have a simple Arch Linux startup script---we'll add more if there's demand---so lmtpd will start at boot and then just keep going...

The latest source (stable or otherwise) can be cloned from our Git repository:

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$ wget
Last commit: 2015-09-21